So here we have yet another unclear film that it is alleged shows one of our more popular cryptids, Mr or Mrs Bigfoot. This time the film comes to us from a webcam set up in a Michigan forest to film a pair of bald eagle chicks.

The film released on Youtube on September 15 does appear to show what looks like a bulky humanoid figure making its way through the under growth and jumping down into a gully. But as we have grown used to this film is frustratingly unclear and there isn’t much we can draw from it.

Of course there has been much unintelligent debate on youtube with insightful one word comments such as fake or this must be real. And of course it could be either. There is no reason a man in a gorilla suit couldn’t make his way passed the camera but I must admit the figure does appear to be rather bulky but, on the other side it wouldn’t take much to pad out a suit but. I must admit, and I can’t quite put my finger on it, it does seem a little human like in its movements. It would be very interesting indeed if a local researcher was able to find the location and get some size references which I think would be the only way to tell if there is more to this than a prank or simple misidentification. But until such time I think this one will be filed under “close but no cigar”.