Everything that happens is recorded, occultists say. Some call that the Akashic Records. All events, wars, people, animals and disasters leave an imprint on the fabric of reality. If only we knew how to get access, history books would have to be rewritten.

How all of this can be we don’t know, but the belief is ancient, and sometimes people experience things that seem to validate this idea.

That can happen in several ways. A psychometrist, a dowser, a remote viewer, a psychic archeologist – they all may sense what is hidden for most of us. There are fingerprints of the past all around us, on objects, buildings and on the landscape . Even things that still have to happen can make their presence known, a further evidence that ‘Time’ is a phenomenon we don’t know the scope of.

A long time ago, in 1863, William Denton published his study The Soul of Things – Psychometric Experiences for re-living History. Denton was convinced every object carries its past with it, which can be discovered by a sensitive who touches the object. He did numerous experiences, many with his wife who was an accomplished psychometrist. The book covers many kinds of getting information through other than normal senses, but it doesn’t go into the spontaneous apparitions of the past that happen to normal, unsuspecting people.

I’m very interested myself in the impressions of happenings from the past and their residu on the landschape. There are many stories in parapsychological literature about people who see scenes from the past develop before their eyes. From memory: a group of refugees from ages ago, a knight in shining armour, en Roman legion, a battlefield from WWI. Sometimes these images are accompanied by sound, or sound is the only thing, without the rest.

In some cases not only the watcher is looking, but he is also looked at by the subject of his observation, which only makes the riddle more complicated.Why it is that such ‘replays’ suddenly appear, and if this has anything to do with favorable atmospheric conditions, with the observer, a certain date or time or other variables is the question.

Lots has been written about such experiences, but no valid scientific research has been done, at least none that I know of. One thing is certain: consciousness doesn’t restrict itself to a place between our ears, but how, and how far it extends and under what conditions, is still anybody’s guess.

As for the agelong sightings of Nessie and other lake monsters in the waters of the world, I think the most plausable explanation is to be found in these residual images from past flesh and blood animals, imprinted on the waters and the rocks. For if we accept that Nessie is a plesiosaur from Jurassic times (200 million years in the past) , than it is obvious that many Nessies must have survived and bred in a Loch that doesn’t provide enough food for a whole herd of large beasts over a long period of time. Let alone there must be a graveyard of bones on the bottom of the Loch.

Even less believable are the ‘Nessies’ seen in much smaller waters, where even one animal would starve to death very soon, if it really lived there. Then there are the Mokele Mbembes, the Mammoths and the Pterosaurs who keep showing themselves in the wildernisses of the world and the sky above. Imagine BIG birds like that really soaring the skies, and not being seen, except once is a (very rare) while.

And how about Bigfoot and the Yeti, and their brothers? Maybe they are also residu’s of creatures like the Neanderthal hominid or other races that roamed the earth once. They certainly are elusive, and many witnesses come forward with stories which have a paranormal element to it.

Nick Redfern wrote on October 25, 2011, a blog on Mysterious Universe, titled ‘Ghosts or Monsters? ‘ This blog centers around a woman, Jill O’Brien, who contacted him in 2009 with a strange but intriguing story .

In the woods of Seattle, Canada, she met a Sabre-tooth tiger.

Walking with her Labrador dog Bobby, she was surprised to find her pet yelping pitiously, unable to continue walking. When he slumped down, Jill thought he might have a seizure. Kneeling she saw what the terrified dog was looking at: an enormous cat, much bigger than a mountain lion. That was a surprise. Tigers nor lions are indigenous to Canada, although cougars, lynxes and smaller wild cats are plentiful.

This animal was none of that. She couldn’t confuse it with any other feline, none of which have tusks.

But the impossible apparition was an animal that had died out 12.000 years ago.

When he came out of the bushes she saw the sabre-tooth wasn’t a real animal. His forefeet were missing, and he was semi transparent. The beast looked at her with ‘a sort of surprise’, Redfern says, and then it was gone.

Nick Redfern calls these apparitions ‘ghosts’. Ghosts are not a clearly defined concept.

Depending on how you define it, in these cases it could be recordings from a remote past, still imposed on the landscape, showing themselves unpredictable and unexplainable when conditions are just right.