One of those intriguing phenomena of nature. Nobody seems to know exactly what ball lightning is, or why normal lightning does what it does, sometimes.

Science is divided. There are even scientists, still! who imagine ball lightning all between your ears, because an electromagnetic field changes what you see. How a ball lightning between someone’s ears can kill someone’s cow is kind of mysterious to me, but scientists can undoubtedly explain.

I’m intrigued for some years with the personal  element in many witness accounts. William Corliss of blessed memory mentions a woman who is stumped unconscious by a ball lightning, on two consecutive years, almost on the same date, and in her own kitchen. The glowing fellow comes in, knocks her down, and disappears through the window. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help thinking that ball held a grudge.

And that’s exactly what I have been thinking all along: the ‘conscious’ behaviour of these largely unexplained phenomena, couldn’t they temporarily be the vessel for a mischievous ghost or spirit? If we take into account how electrical equipment is influenced by ghosts, and the electrical gadgets in a house are the first to suffer from poltergeist activity? Not to mention EVP and ITC, or the dead using the telephone to call their loved ones?  Could lightning/ball lighning be used for a spirit of any kind to do harm? Or good, which also happens? For how about a reverend asking for a sign and exactly on that very moment there comes a lightning bolt which hits the bible in his hands. I have several of such events in my clipping files. Maybe just coïncidence, but then…maybe not.

In 1905 the famous French astronomer Camille Flammarion wrote his book ‘Thunder and Lightning’ which is in the Public Domain now. The book gives multiple examples of very very strange lightning behaviour, totally illogical and not easy to explain by natural laws.

There’s this really amazing site on Ball Lightning and other phenomena, collected and commented on by Peter van Doorn.   Check it out if you like. Click HERE  Enjoy!