Some time ago Mike Dash, Fortean writer par excellence, wrote an article on the blog of CFI, the Charles Fort Institute. A long article about 19th and early 20th Century Magazines of a very peculiar kind. For anyone who is even remotely interested in history and Forteana, these magazines are fun to browse through. Most of them are on  and other sites, free downloadable, but if you prefer books, many have been republished.

The 19th Century was a time when everything was interesting and fit for publishing. Subjects that are never seen in modern papers or magazines, were of great importance to people in the Victorian age, and worthy of scientific exploration.. People sitting in their garden listening to the music of earthworms, or a child citing Bible texts in Latin at two years of age, that’s quite remarkable, even for us. And much, much more….

Here’s Mike’s article, with many links.