This post was sent to me via email by fortean and guest writer Mark Davis

Since time immemorial spirits/ghosts  what ever you wish to call them have been with mankind in our forests and roads, in our homes and work places and as our technology has moved on our ghosts have moved with us as well. From the spirit photographs of the Victorian age to electronic voice phenomena. The first phantom phone call was in 1886. A morse code SOS was received by a ship from the titanic 3 years after it sank. The first paranormal fax was in 1987. so now in our computer age I ask this, where are our ghosts in cyberspace? in our text messages? And so forth. Well maybe we are being haunted via our mobile phones and our computers, there is the phenomena of the ghost text, this is when you feel your phone vibrate yet when one looks at the phone there is no new text message. I myself have had this experience, is it a friendly poke from the other side? The Colorado institute for paranormal research investigated 132 cases of texts sent from deceased peoples phones hours or days after death. They stated in 94 of those cases the only explanation was the text was sent from the dead themselves. The slang and abbreviations used in text messages is as individual as handwriting said lead researcher Dr Rick Horn, in one case a Mexican teenager who had been driving erratically after an argument with his mother sent a text reading ‘soree mom 4 giv me’ this was later found to have been sent 2 hours after he was pronounced dead from a car accident. The phone in question was also destroyed at the time of the crash. In 2008 in Los Angeles a passenger train collided with a freight train killing 26 people among the 26 was one Charles E Peck who died on impact, for 11 hours after the crash his phone called at least 5 members of his family and all they could hear was static and, return calls went to voice mail.  There are many tales on line of dead girlfriends and other loved ones sending messages from beyond the grave with varying degrees of credibility attached to them. So this leads me to ask a few questions. What about the occasional like or comment from complete strangers?  Have you met all the people you are facebook friends with?  Can you be sure some of them are not just ghosts in the machine?.

By Mark Davis