On December 29th 2015 experienced climbing instructors Stuart Jason Halloway and his wife Dale Amanda Thistlethwaite both fell 700 meters to their deaths whilst scaling Mount Silberhorn on the south island of New Zealand. The last anyone heard from them was a radio call the previous day. The bodies of the tragic couple were found still roped together on January 1 by search and rescue teams, it seems that although they were roped together they weren’t tied onto the mountain itself a fatal mistake for the usually safety conscious pair.


This story, although rather sad isn’t exactly strange or in anyway inexplicable it was just, as far as we know, a tragic accident. But the tale recently took a very odd turn indeed when the couples emergency locator beacon which had been lost during the fall and left on the mountain was activated nearly a year after the accident took place.

The signal from the beacon was picked up by a Department of Conservation mountain rescue team and it puzzled local police as it had never gone off before and this type of equipment isn’t prone to going off on its own, for obvious reasons. Constable Les Andrews confirmed to the press that the beacon did indeed belong to the couple and was found just below where they had died he also said “It was unusual timing that the beacon went off nearly 12 months after they died

So who or what set the beacon off if of course a matter of speculation. Could it be a last good bye from the couple who so sadly lost their lives or perhaps just an equipment failure or was it set off as some malicious and macabre joke by another climber. I guess we will never know for sure but each option is just as unlikely as the other. Of course I like to think that it is in some way a message from the other side but in reality your guess dear reader is as good as mine.