UPDATE 3/18/2017: Thank you to everyone for the amazing response. We’ve picked two writers that will be joining TCF. Lee Walker will be our ufologist and Robyn Moonshadow will be writing on cryptozoology. Welcome aboard!


We are looking for one or two more dedicated writers to join the curious crew. In particular we would like people with a keen interest and knowledge of cryptozoology and or ufology. Exactly what you write about would be up to you, the latest news of your preferred subject, theories and ideas or historical cases the choice is yours. But we do ask that you post at least every couple of weeks or more. We are getting some very good views and your writing would get good exposure.

So if you are interested then please get in touch and we can have a chat, you don’t need to be the worlds greatest writer but an average grasp of English would be good.

Best wishes

Matt, Melissa and Andrew