U.F.Os, a subject that produces a variety of images: aliens, abductions, missing time, or even symbols inside crop circles.  We all have heard of reports of sightings in the skies, either by amateurs on the prowl, innocent bystanders with their cell phones, or professional pilots who have a reputation to uphold.  You can find these sightings in abundance on the internet, and oddly enough, along with exorcisms, they are on the rise in the United States. I wonder why?

U.F.Os are not my area of expertise and I don’t normally write about them on TCF, but I do remember being fascinated by them as a child from various documentaries on television.  So I decided it was worth a go to outline this topic and upon investigation I realized, by Jove, the sightings were increasing as time went on. Being out of touch with the topic I wanted to do an ABC of history on U.F.O sightings, not only for you the reader, but for myself, because I am normally focused on ghost folklore, witchcraft, and psychic phenomena.

Historically the first well-known sightings of U.F.Os in America are said to be events that occurred post world war two in 1947 around Mount Rainier in Washington state and Roswell New Mexico. In Mount Rainer it was reported as a saucer shape skipping on water” and since then the idea of a flying saucer shape has been dominant in ufology.  In Roswell, an actual craft was reported to have crashed and later the official determination was that it was a weather balloon. Sightings slowly increased in 1948, and the U.S air force began investigating these unidentified activities with Project Sign, and  Project Blue Book that took place from 1952 to 1969.

Newspaper circa 1947 covering the Roswell Crash

The Roswell incident would propel further interest well into the 1970s with researchers like Stanton T. Friedman and William Moore heading up intense U.F.O research.  Friedman is said to be have interviewed Jesse Marcel, the only person to have accompanied the Roswell debris from the recovery location to Fort Worth, where reporters saw the actual materials. It is commonly believed today that the weather balloon story was a cover up for the truth, where government agents recovered an actual alien craft.

The incidents of U.F.O sightings in the U.S and worldwide or reported abduction cases are plenty and I can’t possibly go through all of them in this one short blog entry, but they include cases (some with links) such as:

   Torch In The Sky 343 BC

   Flaming Shields of Reddish Colour

    Lyons Auvergne-Rhone- Alpes

   Celestial Phenom over Nuremberg

   Foo Fighters 1940

   Rosewell  Incident

   Kenneth Arnold Sighting Mount Rainer

   Barney & Betty Hill Abduction Case

   Travis Walton Abduction Case

   Lubbock Lights Texas

   Trinidad Island UFO’s

   Stonehenge Incident

   Rendlesham Forest Incident (UK)

   Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 Incident

   Pheonix Lights

This list doesn’t even come close to covering all the abductions and sightings that have happened over all of the time, even some of the list points back to historical times where they were pronounced as angelical or celestial beings in the sky.  But my big question is, why are U.F.O sightings in America at an incredible high point in 2017? What is it that triggers increased sightings of unknown objects in the skies?

One thing that is interesting to make note of concerning U.F.Os is that the actual physical reports have evolved over time. 1905 saw the actual first U.F.O reported sighting as a saucer shape, but by 2017 we see an abundance of strange lights being reported instead of a saucer in the sky.  This change could be seen in the 1990’s, coincidentally a time when the most popular show on T.V was The X-files. Now currently sightings have become so common in the United States that the estimate is said to be 2,500 sightings per 10 million people within the U.S. In fact, America has 300 times more UFO sightings than the international statistics report.

maxresdefault (1)
Pheonix Lights via flightsweep.com

Could the rise in sightings be due to the fact that most people in America are equipped with smart phones and have the ability to film when an event happens seemingly out of nowhere? Could it be that lights are easier to report as U.F.Os because they are vague and could otherwise allude to a multitude of logical explanations?  We know that there is an abundance of hoax video’s out there that take credit away from actual sightings (actual sightings are estimated to be about 6% percent of actual reportage). So perhaps we can assume that due to technology there are a lot of youngsters out there wanting to test out their after effects skills on the enthusiastic public.

By 2016 a new phenomenon has been on the rise, that includes lights arranged in a silent triangular shape craft, where the lights mark the cornerstones of the triangulated craft. There have been sightings above all areas of the U.S and the United Kingdom. Coast To Coast radio host George Noory discussed this phenomenon as having “the ability to silently and instantly accelerate to fantastic speeds. And again, countless witnesses have described how the craft have reacted to witnesses’ thoughts.

Triangular Shaped U.F.O via Latest U.F.O Sightings

So these sightings go beyond Photoshop videos on to reporting of actual crafts that are reading individuals minds, seeing all their thoughts.  Could they actually be alien? Or is it perhaps technology from the government, secretively reading our thoughts, monitoring our citizens in the guise of something from another planet?

As I am not a seasoned ufologist I am inviting you to take a small survey and tell me why you think the cases of U.F.O reports, particularly these triangular crafts, are on the rise in America today. I will take the data and report it in another blog update in the future.  I want to hear from you America, U.K, Canada, South America, Europe and everywhere else in the world.  What is up with all these U.F.Os?


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