One of the greatest mysteries of life is what happens when we die. Is that it? Is there life after death? Everybody has asked themselves these questions at some time in their life, indeed it has been one of the biggest enduring questions of mankind and not just mankind, even our Neanderthal cousins engaged in burial ceremonies themselves, why else would a group do such unless it had a sense of life after death. The question has been answered in a number of ways over time ether by theistic belief or atheistic belief and all shades in between the two. And the answers range from heaven or hell to nothingness. The two main protagonists in answering this question are religion and science. both are searches for universal truths and so it only seems right that eventually they will come to the same conclusions and answers in time and perhaps they have. Has first contact between the two been made over the question of life after death? Few names in the world of physics carry as much weight and respect as that of Sir Roger Penrose for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the name it was Roger Penrose and his father who invented the concept of the never-ending staircase made famous by the artist M.C Escher indeed it is called a Penrose staircase. Penrose has for many years now been writing books on consciousness and has been at the vanguard of bringing quantum mechanics into play in answering the question of what is consciousness. it was in this vane that in early November 2016 Penrose announced the latest results and conclusions of his and his team’s investigation into the possibility of life after death if you are a resident of a hospice its good news. a component part of the neurons in the brain are microtubules it is in these microtubules that Penrose and his team have concluded our memories our personality are stored in essence our souls and not stored in the conventional way but encoded at the quantum level and when information is stored in the subatomic quantum world it gains some extraordinary powers one of which is that it can never be truly lost indeed it is only lost to the world of classical physics the world we inhabit. it will like all quantum information eventually settle down it a state know as zero-point energy or ground state energy this is the lowest energy state a quantum mechanical system can be in. Penrose is not alone in this view it is shared by the university of Arizona’s Stuart Hameroff and by a team at the prestigious max plank institute in Germany. if this is the seat of our souls it can very nicely explain why we have NDE’s or near death experiences because when we die the information leaves the microtubules it is in a sense uploaded to the ground state energy field when we are resuscitated we can be loaded back into the brain because the information can be entangled which is yet another extraordinary feat only possible in the quantum world. so perhaps like the Penrose staircase we go on for ever.