A new search is on for the Loch Ness Monster but, this time a previously untried scientific approach is being planned to see if we can finally find out what, if anything, lurks beneath the waters of Loch Ness.

Yesterdays Daily Mail has reported on Professor Gemmell’, of New Zealand’s University of Otago, plan to take sample of the water in the loch and search it for DNA which, is a mehod not yet tried in the search for the worlds best known cryptid. Professor Gemmel says:

‘We use environmental DNA to monitor marine biodiversity. From a few litres of water we can detect thousands of species.

‘All large organisms lose cells as they move through their environment. New genomic technology is sensitive enough to pick this up and we can use comparisons to databases that span the majority of known living things.

‘If there was anything unusual in the loch these DNA tools would be likely to pick up that evidence.’

At present there is very little more to go on but I think this is a very interesting way to see what maybe in those cold dark waters. If DNA of an unknown creature or organism is found then that will only be the very beginning of the biggest story in cryptozoology ever. Once science knows for sure that there is something new or something perhaps waiting to be rediscovered then we can only hope that they will throw at it everything they have in a hope of learning more about it. Although I think you can bet your bottom dollar that if they don’t find anything then the headlines will read something along the lines of ‘scientists prove Nessie dosn’t exist’ Which of course it will not, it will just mean they found nothing.

I for one do believe people are seeing something in the Loch, but sometimes I do shy away from it being a flesh and blood creature. Of course I cannot say with any sort of certainty what then it might be, if in deed it does exist at all. But I tend to lean towards the more paranormal explanation. Maybe sort sort of nature spirit or tulpa. And if this is the case then it may not be leaving its DNA in the loch. It would though be fabulous if they found the DNA of something new, can you just imagine! It makes me ask the exciting question that got me into forteana all those years ago………What If?