We have all heard stories both fact and fiction of feral children being brought up by animals, the tale of Romulus and Remus, the legendary brothers who after being raised by wolves are said to have founded Rome which according to the popular saying wasn’t built in a day, and of course my personal childhood favorite Tarzan (although looking back at the old films now they stink of western imperialism and racism), Tarzan was said to have been raised by apes after his family were killed in Africa and he went on to have many adventures with his pet chimp and a random white blond woman.

The last couple of days the news sites and social media has been buzzing with a report of a young girl who was found living in a nature reserve in Bahraich, northern India, which is just a few miles from the border with Nepal.



The girl whose identity has yet to be found out was first spotted in the company of monkeys a little over two months ago and then finally captured by Sub-inspector Suresh Yadav a short time afterwards.  When Yadav spotted the girl and tried to call out to her the monkeys she was with became protective of her and attacked her would be rescuer, he managed to take hold of her and and to run with her back to his vehicle with the animals hot on their heels. It is clear from this that the monkeys were treating her as one of their own.

She was taken right away to hospital where she has been for the last two months. On her arrival it was reported that she was slight malnourished and covered in cuts and abrasions and unable to talk and although she was able to walk up right she would drop on to all fours as well as making facial and vocal gestures similar to that of monkeys. But now that time has passed her condition is improving and she seems to be able to understand what is being said to her, although at the time of writing she is unable to speak and she communicates through gestures and the odd smile.

It is not known how long the girl, who has been dubbed ‘Mowgli Girl’, had been living in the forest but Drs have suggested in may have been a considerable amount of time.