There is a story that’s been making the rounds on several social media feeds lately. It’s that of Bruno Borges, age 24, who after purchasing a statue of philosopher Giordiano Bruno (who predicted alien life in the 16th century) and obsessively writing a wall of encrypted code in his room, went missing from his home in Rio Branco, Brazil.  Borges left behind his declaration that the mysteries of life could be solved within his body of his coded writing.  Borges was quite obsessed with aliens and their connection with humans, and in history, he hasn’t been the only U.F.O enthusiast to suddenly disappear or meet a murderous end.

Borges wall of code and his statue of Giordiano Bruno


It was 1980 in the small town of Duncan on Vancouver Island, Canada. The father of Granger Taylor came home to a mysterious note from his son, it said:

Dear Mother and Father,

I have gone away to walk aboard an alien spaceship, as re-occurring dreams assured a 42-month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return.

I am leaving behind all my possessions to you as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instructions in my will as a guide to help.

Love, Granger


On the letter’s reverse, there was a map of Mount Waterloo, the significance of the map remains unknown to this day.  What is known about Granger is that he had a strangely similar obsession with aliens and contact with them as Bruno did. Bruno wrote a highly intelligent cryptic code all over the walls of his room as a clue to what he was up to; Granger left behind an actual craft he had built out of two satellite receivers and scrap metal. Granger had dropped out of school as a teenager and had been known to be an eccentric genius when it came to fixing mechanical devices. His obsession with how alien crafts were powered is what originally propelled him to build his own craft.

Granger Taylor’s fully furnished U.F.O structure.


The other element about Granger, that we may find similar in future with Bruno, is that he suffered from mental health issues. Quiet and shy, he was very isolated and did not connect with other people as easily as his peers.  Taylor was convinced that he was going to be leaving on a 42-month journey with aliens aboard a spacecraft. His own craft was fully furnished with a couch, tv and wood burning stove. He was preparing, quite seriously for this journey, unfortunately, none of his friends or family took it as serious. According to one of Grangers friends, he began to hear disembodied voices

He said it happened when he was in bed. He lay there and got mental communications with somebody from another galaxy…He said it was like they were talking to him and to his mind. He was asking questions about the means for powering their crafts. The only thing they would tell him was it was magnetic. (

Clearly, Granger was having illicit hallucinations and it is all important to ask when it comes to alien communication and obsessions, what mental illnesses are these people suffering from.  The issue really isn’t that people witness U.F.Os or aliens, it’s when an individual becomes so obsessed with an idea and are claiming extraordinary events that no other person can see or attest to. When it consumes their every thought and creates dangerous delusions that result in their own peril (or others) is what defines the concern. They say that madness and genius are a short step from each other, and it seems the longer one is enclosed inside their mind and cut off from others, determines where this imaginary line gets crossed.

We see this in mysterious cases involving U.F.O conspiracy theorists, where they are heavily involved with finding out “the truth” concerning aliens and U.F.Os. A conspiracy usually involves a deep suspicion that governments or elite groups are hiding “evidence” from us and in the case of Max Spiers it ended in a tragic death.  Spiers had many outrageous beliefs, including that he was altered by aliens as a child to be some sort of super human.  On a trip to Poland in 2016, Max messaged his mother a mysterious text that said: “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate” ( His mother was concerned that he was involved in a sketchy crowd of people, so when he died in Poland on July 16th under mysterious circumstances, reportedly vomiting liters of a black substance, she knew something was deadly wrong.

Max Spiers, the late conspiracy theorist on U.F.Os.


Spier’s story went viral amongst other conspiracy theorists who thought he had been done in perhaps by the BBC, or a dark cult group or the government.  The truth, of course, is probably more simple and less tangled in government coverups and black masses.  It was reported in February that Spiers’ girlfriend, Warsaw native Monika Duval, was under suspicion for manslaughter and being question by local authorities. Of course, the theories that Max was done in by a local cult group or the government will still abound, but we will have to wait to see what comes of the investigation.

In the case of Granger Taylor, he was never seen alive again, seemingly and mysteriously plucked from this world by aliens perhaps?  Sadly, it seems this is likely not the case with Granger, the friendly and reclusive giant who had a mechanical genius.  A report from the Montreal Gazette, dated March 31st, 1986, declared that pieces of the Granger’s truck and two human bone fragments had been found at the site where there had been dynamite detonation.  Granger was known to carry dynamite (used to blow up tree stumps) with him and had taken some with him from his parent’s farm for his journey to the stars.

An article in Montreal Gazette reporting the likely findings of Granger’s skeletal remains.


So does this elaborate and mysterious code left by Bruno Borges point to alien life and a mysterious knowledge or truth that we have been denied access to for hundreds of years?  If the existence of other cases similar to it are any indication, likely not.  Borges was definitely an intelligent human being, but it’s his obsessiveness that indicates to me, that he passed that line between intelligence and madness. Naturally, of course, it’s always hard to tell where that line is and the future could completely surprise me and reveal something unique about the Borges case.  We’ll have to wait and see.


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