This is a story I have been meaning to write about for quite some time, but somehow other stories always showed up and distracted my focus away from this particular poltergeist.  I cannot say whether or not this poltergeist, which is of a local nature, still exists today, in fact, there is a possibility the building has long since been torn down.  What I can say is that I came upon a very intriguing story online about an old haunted farmhouse on Headquarters Road in Courtenay, B.C. The paranormal experience occurred in the early 1970’s when The Comox Valley was still a small, relatively undeveloped town that was riddled with small mom and pop stores and locally run businesses. Here is a tale of a young woman via 1970’s as she reported to

(Story not edited, left as original)

When I was young about 15 I moved up to Vancouver Island to be with my sister and brother in law, that summer . I was in love with a friend of theirs and wanted to be with him. I was losing my virginity to him around that time. They were in a old farm house , way at the back of the land ,that house was at the ends of its days. On 40 acres.In Courtney, B.C. on Headquarters road. I am 54 now.

It all started slowly at night with tappings on the walls outside, high up. My sister had dogs at the time, big red setters,they had too much energy and we were forever letting them in and out of the living room doors.

We all sat at the kitchen table one morning and started to talk at the same time, we had all been awake, it turns out, We all can all hear the knocking around the house at night . We were all pretenting to be asleep and not wanting to bother with it, but we all were awake and didn t know the person next to us was awake too,We all had one eye open,each night We were all listening to the same thing.

I was in shock, we didn t say anything for days before ,we confirm we all listening to the sounds.

Things got stronger, one night ,coming back from town my brother in-law walk in to the house then right back out again ,saying we are sleeping over at a friends place down the road. he wouldn t tell me what happen in there.The next day in the light we were back in the place laughing about how silly this was to sleep over on a friends floor, later that day, my sister and brother in-law went to town for the next night.

My boyfriend and I were alone in the house for a couple of hours everything was alright. Later into the night and then the knocking started then ,turn into banging faster and faster, louder and louder, around, all around us at the same time, the sound from the top of the outside walls were being banged by maybe like by 10 people with long sticks pounding the walls, I though, a joke, the night was dark with no moon, I had enough, and walk into the kitchen to look out the window and the light came on by its self, I jumped out of the room fast, and it went off.

My boyfriend ran and got a shotgun and we were going outside to get these people and I had the dogs ready by the neck now,all wild and barking to get out the same doors, ha, I thought “I’ll get them, with these dogs, heh heh and we will show them the gun, too Well I had the dogs fighting to go out, then when I open to door, an let go for the rush of them to move out, for the first time in my life, the dogs stop at the door and wouldn’t leave the house. They always run outside. I have never seen a dog stop stone dead in their tracks and not leave . The barking was real mean now. The banging was harder all around the outer walls going faster around us .

The dogs hairs went straight up. I have never seen that before ,and the hair is six inches long on that red breed. My eyes opened wide . My boyfriend looked, we looked at each other, in horror, all of us backed up from the doors, and the dogs, and with the gun we all sat down on the couch, freaked, the sound was all around us. The dogs now whimpering.

Then the banging, then stopped. We stayed there in that spot, not moving awake for hours with one little light on, we must of all fell asleep at the same time, dawn came, we awoke still, holding on to the big dogs, with the sunlight coming in, through the windows, I was alive, and happy it was day light. In the early morning, I went to the door and open it, the dogs and I ran out . I looked for foot prints around the house. There was none.

My sister came back later that morning. We tried to tell them at the same time what had happen. They had found a new place to live in town. I broke up with the boyfriend later that week , he wasn’t the man I wanted under pressure with and I went back to my mothers for the winter to go to school. It was so strange the dogs would not go out after whatever it was out there. I was a woman when I left there, that summer I trust myself to see the truths in life. Of what I know and what happen on that night, in that old house, in my guts it was a haunting, that happen in my life. I never want to go through that again.

The dogs are the ones that let me something was wrong out there. I didn’t understand, I was gear up for the hunt of the problem. Something unreal happen that night, this touch me deeply, it didn’t make sense, why the dogs wouldn’t go out, and their hair on ends, I often wonder what would have happen if we did go outside with the loud banging going on. If we didn t have the dogs there to show us, this is not a good to leave the house.

I don’t write stories, well this was important to me to try .

Karen M.

The experience that Karen reported is what we would commonly call a poltergeist experience. Poltergeist is defined as a type of ghost or other supernatural entity which is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. There are many modern theories that point to something other than a human spirit or live human as the source of poltergeist activity, but those theories are for another time. 

In this case, indeed we can see that we had a 15-year-old girl who was embarking on a sexual journey for herself that coincided with this paranormal experience. The real question is, what could have caused such unexplained noises and terror in faithful guard dogs?  Could it be that Karen herself was unintentionally causing the poltergeist activity?  It’s an easy conclusion to come to, isn’t it? However, when I looked further on the message boards I saw this post by another local Comox Valley resident known as Kristy.

Once again, a story originally quoted, not edited:


I have been collectig ghost stories from Vancouver Island for about 10 years now, and I onced lived at a house on the same road as Karen M mentioned in this story. Headquarters road is one of the original settlement areas of the pioneers, river intersects there, it is rich and fertile land for farming. If you do your research well, you can discover that the area is occupied by “mounds”… this was a method of burial used by Oregon, US First Nations as burial… and we have come to find it as well on tha troad in the Courtenay [area], specifically Headquartres road.

Now I took occupied an old farm house on that road, and I had the strangest experiences in my life. First multiple family members and visitors saw a lady in a blue dress walk up our stairs to the third floor, and she would be gone after reaching the top floor…

We had orange balls of light i the hallway and downstairs…

Clusters of flies by the stairwell on the second floor,

The door to the basement would shut on its own and lock!

Growling at the bottom basement stair…

Cups fly off the counter in fromt of at least six people.

Pictures would teil themselves and the right themselves again minutes later. You would hear the frames scrape the wall!

The smell of fireplace smoke, almost like cedar burning…

A lengthy conversation could be heard, mumbles, men talking, around the same time as the smoke smell.  We had a suite i the basement as well, I was cleaning that kitchen, there was a window that was level with the ground outside. I watched someone walk by that window, cream coloured pants, mens dress style… I waited for someone to come knock on our door, never happened, looked down the long driveway. No oe there, it’s a rural area, there is no way someone was just happening past the home up such a long drive way and far from town.

We were in this home for years, so the vents are quite the list, this house was always active, but we never were “put out” by it. The house was huge and we had a large family and it was an unbeatable price so we stuck it through. The only time it was ever an annoyace was coming home to find the furnace “chugging away” when we always turned it off before leaving.  This happened alot ad we would walk into a cookig hot house ad to foot another huge oil bill.

Anyways just found it interesting that someone else had an experience on Headquarters road, even if theirs was more of a poltergiest experience.  Thanks.

So, two experiences on Headquarters Road and whether or not they are linked is something we can never say with absolute surety. The first haunting was a one time experience, of a young girl, during a summer of the 1970’s where she was embarking on a first time sexual experience. Could all these changes be linked to her experience or could it be that poltergeists are not always linked to hormonal teenage girls and this experience had nothing to do with her gender or age?  The standard explanation links pre-pubescent, hormonal girls to poltergeists. Even the famous Enfield Poltergeist involved a young girl who had just entered menstruation. But as they say, correlation is not always causation.



The causation of poltergeists is many, such as the residence of the location, ouija board activity or elemental spirits. In this case, we do know, not only from testimony from our second story but from the actual history of this area, that this location would have seen the sacred burial site of Native Indians.  I had asked several people in town about where native burials were located historically and I was met with a few strange looks I will tell you! However, I did ask a woman, who will remain unnamed, that lives on the road in question and she said quite adamantly that indeed that area would have been full of ancient Indian burial sites that had gone back in history long before European settlers made way to the now Comox Valley.

The question now points in the direction of how burial sites effect poltergeist activity. It is an old theme in movies and popular culture, the idea that spirits come through ancient burial sites in the form of local Native curses that haunt the current modern culture. Could this be a reflection of white man guilt? The burden that is passed on as the payment for eradicating a culture through colonization? Or could it be that simply put, burial grounds where intense and sacred ceremonial energies are created by the living, eventually hold energies that can create activities that affect the living in future generations to come?

When I was in Hawaii on a tour driving towards the Polynesian culture that was North of Honolulu, the tour guide told a tale about the construction of a highway overpass that desecrated ancient burial lands. Upon the initial construction phase, the bones of ancestors were discovered and there was a great dispute from local Hawaiians about the overpass construction continuing. As they continued the project, eventually the overpass had many issues, I believe it included the collapse of areas. Clearly, the belief that building on the burial sites of the ancestors will affect the living is still alive and well. The overpass was eventually built, and of course so has many other hotels, resorts and other structures that have covered native burial sites worldwide.  But do they carry a curse still in the actual structure?

Back to our little farmhouse on our Headquarters Road, a farmhouse that has likely been long torn down and replaced by a more modern homestead. I cannot tell you if this ladies story was true, and she hasn’t resurfaced to make any more statements online. We’ve reached out to her, or at least Matt Cook has! It is, however, telling that we have another experience in a farmhouse in a later era on the same road. I suppose the best way to know, currently is if someone, on Headquarters Road, perhaps, sends me an email, it could be anonymous, and says, yes I have seen some strange things in my house, on this very road!

If you do, our email is

Until then we will have to leave you with the unknown, as it would be, and allow you to draw your own conclusions about this particular situation. We would love to hear them in the comments.