Our latest blog post is by our guest writer, Mark Davis. Read on for Mark’s philosophy on alien visitation to the blue planet.


With the resent discovery of 10 new earth like planets and the constant clamor for disclosure by governments around the world, it is perhaps time for mankind to think about just how we would handle contact with an alien race. However, more importantly I think we should ask our selves the question, “If you were an alien, would you want to make contact with mankind or even would you need to?” So for a short time I ask you to put your self in their position.

You have discovered a never before contacted planet, the individuals seem nice enough, but they are all ruled by governments who seem to be suspicious of each other, compete against one another and some are even at war with each other. Which governments do you talk to, one or two of the most powerful or all of them?  On top of that you must remember not all governments represent all the people in a country.  A country might have a dictator as head of government or an autonomous region, or be split on religious grounds.

Speaking of religion some Earthlings might welcome you, while others will think you are the devil incarnate. Then there are the racists who hate even their own species, what are they going to make of you? I suppose the closest mankind has got to dealing with issues like this is when we have encountered indigenous tribes in Africa or South America. It seems that this contact was never a good thing for the less technologically advanced of the two.  Invariably it meant the demise of the indigenous culture, religion, and whole way of life.

Have we the right to do such a thing just so we can make friends with another race? Because if we were a truly advanced race, making friends is the only reason you would have for contact. Look at how much we have learned about our own planet by using satellites. An advanced alien race, with its own advanced satellites could learn all it would need to know without ever setting foot or tentacle on the earth.

Why would you need to go there and possibly ruin the place when you can sit back, watch and learn all without ever getting involved in the first place. What good would it do anyone? You would have to spend the next, god knows how many years sorting out the mess that would come about because of contact you made. The people of earth would suffer the demise of their way of life, while their religious and political institutions would be shaken to their core. They would possibly contract new diseases from you as has happened many time in our own history.

Would it not be best and would it not be every anthropologists dream to observe and learn without contact? Surely to observe a specimen in pristine condition and conditions is best. With all this in mind, is it really that surprising that little green men haven’t landed on the White House lawn and uttered those immortal words.