Halloween is a time where we let go of our “normal” everyday selves, we get in contact with the world beyond and get dressed up in costume to explore the darkness of the autumn season.  However in some instances that “darkness” comes out in the form of homicidal tragedies.  Originally appearing in our October 2015 eZine, here is ten gruesome Halloween murders:

1. William “B.J.” Liske

The murderer William “B.J.” Liske


William “B.J.” Liske was convicted of killing his father, mother, and stepmother on October 31, 2010. He shot his father with a .22 rifle five times and his mother three times and he beat his stepbrother to death with both sides of a claw hammer.
At his trial, Liske blamed mental illness and Satan for his actions shortly before he was sentenced to life with our parole. But he only served 4 years of the life sentence as he was found dead in his cell on match 31 2015.


2. Killer In The Closet


In November 1977 a group of children was playing in an abandoned house in Lawton Oklahoma when they made a shocking discovery. They found the body of a child hidden inside of a refrigerator.The body was that of 19-month-year-old Nima Louise Carter who went missing from her crib the previous month on Halloween night that same year. Her room was locked down and the police came to the conclusion that the killer must have already been hiding in the child’s closet.



3. Masked Killer of 1994

Young Tony Bagley


Whilst out trick or treating in 1994 Tony Bagley’s young life was taken. He rounded a street corner with his aunt, sister, and mother when he was gunned down by a masked assailant, his killer was never found.


4. Trick Or Treat Gone Wrong

Quentin Patrick


Quentin Patrick a convicted drug dealer from Sumter South Carolina was at home on Halloween night when he heard a knock at the door. He immediately thought it was a rival gang and grabbing his fully auto AK47 shot close to 30 bullets through the door. Killing 12-year-old trick or treater T.J Darrisaw and his father and wounding his younger brother.



5. Halloween Posioner


On Halloween night in 1974, Ronald Clark O’Bryan laced his son’s candy with cyanide, in order to collect the insurance money after falling deeply into debt. Upon returning from an evening of Trick or Treating O’Bryan insisted his son eat the cyanide-laced candy. The boy began throwing up and was dead before reaching the hospital. O’Bryan was charged and found guilty of his son’s murder and was later executed by lethal injection.



6. Brutal & Deadly Beating


Ben Gardner was punched and kicked to death after a night out with his girlfriend. Three men had taken his girlfriends witches hat and Gardener had tried to get it back when the three men beat him to death, at their trial the court heard they kicked his head like it was a football.



7. Knifed To Death

Chaim Weiss


A 15-year-old Jewish boy named Chaim Weiss was found brutally murdered on the floor of his dorm room at the Mesivta of Long Beach in New York, the morning after Halloween. He had been bludgeoned with a sharp blow to the head before being stabbed repeatedly in the head. There was no evidence of a struggle and it appeared that he was killed whilst asleep in his bed.


8. The Smiley Face Murders


Chris Jenkins body was found in a river four months after he was last seen leaving a Halloween party at a bar in downtown Minneapolis in 2002. The authorities first thought that it was a simple case of accidental drowning as he was heavily intoxicated, but his parent’s thoughts otherwise and insisted that they reclassify the case as a homicide, which they did in 2006. Although a killer wasn’t found it is believed to be connected to a series of killings known as the smiley face murders where the victims were thought to be drugged and then drowned near too smiley face graffiti.



9. Murder Over Stolen Halloween Candy


Ledell Peoples was convicted of killing his girlfriend after blaming her for stealing a bag of Halloween candy. During the argument, his girlfriend threw a plate at Peoples’ head causing a cut to his eye. Peoples responded by grabbing a knife and stabbing her multiple times.



10. Fatal Trick Or Treating



In 1973 Lisa French was having fun trick or treating on the streets of Fond du Lac Wisconsin when she knocked on the door of her neighbour Gerald Turner. Who invited her in shutting the door behind her. He raped her then killed her, stuffing her young body into a sleeping bag and disposing of it in a field. He was later to write.

“I can still see you standing in the doorway with that felt hat beaming at having recognized me….Then I see the delight in your eyes turn to fear as I close the door behind you….”