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Episode 5: Time Phenomenon: Alien Abductions, Time Slips, Shadow People, Lost Time & Psychedelics


In this episode, Matt and Melissa talk about weird things to do with time, from missing time during suspected abductions to time perception after taking psychedelics and all things in between. If you have the time why not have a listen.



Episode 4: The Rise Of The Exorcist



In this episode, Matt is joined by new co-host Melissa Martell AKA The Scarlet Woman. We cover the topic of exorcisms and inserting fish up ya bum.



Episode 3: Killer Clowns, Killer Porn, Aliens, Big Cats & More…



On this week’s show, Andrew and Matt cover topics from killer clown to killer porn, big cats in the UK as well as lots of other weird and wonderful topics.



Episode 2: Cornwall UFO, Demonic Red Man, & A Spoon Stealing Dog



Hey, Folks, we are back with Episode 2 of The Curious Fortean Podcast. On this show amongst other things Andrew and Matt look into recent UFO sighting in Cornwall UK, A young kid from India who was thought to be dead but woke up on the way to his own funeral, a ghostly dwarf who haunts French of states and of course a spoon stealing dog.



Episode 1: Mystery Accents, Haunted Woman & More…



Well, we finally did it, this is our first attempt at podcasting, OK so it is rather rough around the edges with a few audio issues that have been solved but we are sure it will all fall into place over the next few weeks as we smooth out those rough edges and relax. Stick with us folks 🙂




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