Alexander of Alexandria, and above fifty other historians, have written an account of a man named Collas, whom they call the Fish Collas. This man had accustomed himself from his infancy to the frequenting of the sea, till at last he became an inhabitant thereof, and dwelt there with fish obstinate delight, that he would not be persuaded from it, so that at length he became viscous and waterish, and continued in the sea the greatest part of his life, being sometimes hidden betwixt two waves like a fish, so that he could not be seen for five or six hours together, and would seldom come out in less than eight or ten days, but when he saw a ship he would sometimes go aboard, and live with the mariners for some time, and when tired he would throw himself overboard into the sea and be gone. He said that when he was on shore, he used to be troubled with pain in the stomach, which he had not when in the water.

uit: The New Wonderful Magazine vol 1, blz 95