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The Curious Fortean’s purpose is to take Forteana and paranormal research on with a passionate, punk rock, and yet logical style. We have created a facebook page that is well established and thriving, created an anthology of paranormal Ezines, as well as this blog which is a labour of love. The three of us are very passionate about what we do and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The Blog strives to write a variety of Fortean stories that you won’t get anywhere else. Our researchers bring you lesser known cases from research, field investigations, reviews and Fortean interviews. ┬áStay tuned to this blog for some content of high strangeness.


The Curious Fortean Crew Consists Of:

Matt Cook – Forteana researcher, blogger, and professional camera man.

Andrew D. Gable: Fortean researcher and author of non-fiction Fortean novels.

Melissa Martell: Fortean, Ghost Folklorist, in-house graphic designer, and webmaster.



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