It is no secret that Australia has an urban legend of the Alien Big Cats here. But lets face it if they do roam Australia they would pose a strong threat to the Australian wildlife but because they aren’t a recognised threat, national wildlife services and park rangers refuse to take the matter seriously. There is plenty of food and water source in Australia for such an existing animal, are they escaped zoo animals? released into the Australian wilderness by United States marines during World War II? The

question remains

  1. How did they get here?
  2. How much of a threat do they pose to our native wildlife?
  3. Where are the biggest hotspots for them to live?
  4. Potential food sources in Australia for their survival
  5. What species of large feline are they?

-to answer the top question is highly difficult when we have no scientific evidence to proof that they even exist in Australia. But the story goes that during World War II the US Navy came over here to Australia and released these large felines. I got reported to me one day from a person over in America that his father in law told him that he used to serve in the US Navy back in World War II and they have tones of Mountain Lions on board they were over growing and the US Navy rather had to shoot them or release them into the Bush land of Northern Queensland.

-I believe they would pose a big threat to the Australian native wildlife, they have multiple food sources that they could choose from possibly such as rabbits, chickens, kangaroos, wallabies, possum, koala and much much more.

-they have been sighted mostly around the Lithgow area of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and also sighted a lot in the western Sydney area.

-already gave an example of possible food sources when I answered question B.

-the reports suggest Black Jaguar some other reports suggest Cougar or Mountain Lion and others suggest Leopards, but maybe they’re a mixture of all. And there are sightings of Marsupial Lion still being alive and well in Australia. The Marsupial Lion or as the scientific term for them is Thylacoleo Carnifix is described to be like a giant quoll with stripes on it. They were apart of the Megafauna era and they used to climb trees to look down on unexpecting prey.

by: Jack Tessier