Ningen in the Japanese language literally means human, but whats in a name? Well the word doesn’t go far in explaining this mysterious sea creature at all.

The Ningen is a cryptid that has been reported in the frigged seas of the Antarctic as well as the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. It is said to measure somewhere between 70 and 90 feet in length and, its waxy pigmented slightly bulbous form is said to be practically humanoid . It is also reported by some to have five fingers on the end of each of its arm like appendages, and a mermaid like flipper instead of legs and feet. Its face is said to be blank save a flat mouth and eyes, which has got some researchers wondering if sightings could of been of an unknown type of giant ray.

Although it is unknown exactly when fishermen were supposed to have started seeing these creatures of the deep but one of the first documented sightings was made by the crew of a Japanese whale research ship. They were on deck one evening observing what they first thought to be a submarine, whilst they were sailing in the Antarctic “researching” some poor whales. But as the object came closer they soon  realized from its inconsistent shape that it was in fact not a submarine but, some sort of living creature that soon disappeared beneath the icy waves. I think it can safely be assumed that if the researchers story is true then they would have been able to recognize such a large creature if it was something that was known by science to inhabit those waters.

The story about the whale research ship  and the tales of the Ningen in general came to light around the turn of the 20th century via an online Japanese forum called 2Channel, slender man anyone?
Then in 2007 a story ran in a popular paranormal magazine called Mu from the same country. The article in Mu even displayed what they claimed was a picture of the creature taken from  google earth. Make of that what you will…..

There have also been rumors bouncing around the internet that the crew of the research ship managed to take some photos of the creature but they were suppressed by the Japaneses government who had taken an interest in it.

Of course after Mu published the article there was a rush of sightings reported but im unsure as to how many of them actually carried any weight to them.

Sadly unlike lake or land cryptids monsters from the deep are seldom reported and are generally out of reach to the average researcher. But if anyone would like to charter me a good ship with a fine crew then id be up for going to have a look arrr shiver me timers pieces of eight and other pirate like sayings…