I know I’ve been writing about ghosts a lot recently but I thought this one had to be documented. A good friend of mine that I do a lot of exploring and investigating with got in touch with me yesterday to tell me that he had had a possible sighting of something whilst walking his dog on the morning of December 7th on the steep slopes of Glastonbury Tor. Being a local he is no stranger to the Tor and the many legends that surround it.

He told me that at around 8:15 am he was ascending the Tor with Ben his dog, and about half way up he had to take a rest as he was feeling a little out of breath. Those of you who have ever been up there will understand that it’s a good trek especially at that time of day. It was then he noticed a man walking towards him, he told me he didn’t notice any details and the dog who was looking away from the Tor didn’t seem to notice him at all. But seeing as the dog is new to my friend and also not overly used to being around people as the poor fellow is a rescue, his master decided to give him some attention to keep him relaxed and calm should he notice the stranger coming towards them.

After a short time and having by now expected the stranger to have passed them my friend looked around to see where he was except there was nothing to be seen. The man had completely disappeared. If you are familiar with the topography of the Tor you will know there is little to no cover for someone to hide. I am assured that my friend had a good view of the landscape and his vanishing was a complete mystery.

Being a close friend who I have done many investigations with I know him to be rational and not prone to fantasies. He didn’t have his investigators hat on that day he was just taking his new dog out for his morning walk.

I admit this isn’t the grandest of anomalous sightings but I do feel it is worth recording in case others read this and can maybe add their own experiences to this case. I encourage any comments and questions as I can easily pass them on to the witness.