I wasn’t sure how to go about this story.

I thought this wasn’t something I could go and research and provide links, resources, and images. You know, evidence! 

Then I remembered what I told you when I first wrote here, on my article “Synchronicity & Haunted Beban House”, I told you that I wasn’t a ghostbuster. I’m not here to show you my EMF readings, I’m not here to install motion detectors and provide temperature readings. No. I am here to relate the stories of the people to you, the reader.  Stories that have profound meaning to the individuals who have told them in the past. Stories that may resonate with you and your own experiences. So let’s keep in that same vein, shall we? I have much more fun relating tales to you and I am betting you have much fun reading.  So with candles lit and lights switched off let’s create some ambiance because we are going to talk about a tale that I was told and this one happened not so long ago.

I was recently told a story by a person who shall remain unnamed, out of respect for privacy, who detailed a strange experience they had within their family dynamics.

This individual had recently moved back to the city of her youth, she took on the job of not only caring for her mother who was aging but also looking after other relatives who had fallen ill.  Quite often time found her traversing back and forth between her mother’s flat and her own house and this story she related to me covers on one of those particular visits.

One day a distant relative, who was known for many mental heath issues, called and said she was coming over with a haunted doll. The doll she said was possessed by a negative energy and she wanted to see if my story teller and her mother could do a seance or meditation and help her out.  My story teller said a simple yes and when the relative arrived with her small dog and doll in hand, they began a seance where all involved meditated and called for any energies to reveal themselves.  Let me further exclaim that the person who divulged this story to me is a practitioner of magic and fortunes, yet practical enough to work as an engineer in the oil fields of Canada.


The result of this seance was that the teller of this story felt that nothing at all was wrong with the doll. She meditated on it, she asked her guides, she asked the universe and the cards about this doll. The doll was simply put, a doll.  So naturally they decided to end the seance, continue on with normal activities and have tea.

They all began to go about their business, with the attitude of disregarding the relative, I mean after all she was very ill and always caused extreme trouble in the family. This was just another way of gathering attention, wasn’t it? Then while getting food ready a very peculiar and strange event occurred that denied everyone’s rational explanation.

Suddenly, a heavy crystal plate that was sitting in the center of a coffee table, lifted and slid off horizontally and went smashing so hard against the floor is shattered into many pieces. Multiple people stood there and witnessed, our storyteller exclaimed, a heavy dish driven with great force off the table and then downward onto a soft carpeted area. It wasn’t a motion of an object tipping over slightly with gravity and it happened clearly for everyone to witness and with aggressive force. In fact, it nearly smashed on top of the small dog that was along for the journey.

Everyone in the room froze in shock and confusion,  then the narrator quickly assessed the situation and then ran to gather the defenseless dog up, less it step upon the shards of glass that were strewn everywhere. What just happened? Was it the evil doll I asked my chronicler with earnest?

This woman had said she was certain that there was absolutely nothing wrong with that doll. On mediation, on cards, on questioning each time this doll literally came up blank. It was simply in her mind an old doll that was getting a bad rap. But she said after this particular intense event, she on instinct felt that the particular relative might be to blame.


Her Theory?

I think you’re probably already guessing that she really got the feeling, in her gut, that this relative had a lot of negative energies surrounding her. She explained the feeling afterward as being peculiar because the relative suddenly acted non-interested in the dog’s safety and didn’t have much interest in the bowl sliding on its own accord and smashing, whereas before she was intensely focused on the doll.

The conclusion was this relative had unknown negative energies built up around obtaining people’s attention and when she didn’t get the result she wished concerning the doll, she subconsciously directed her energies towards destroying this heavy crystal plate. 

I’ve questioned the witnesses several times (story teller and her mother) and their stories have a similar thread, and both detail the basics when questioned separately. If we assume that our storytellers are honest and this situation did indeed happen, then what could it have been?

Are they correct, was it some sort of poltergeist-like energy this relative stirred up? Did it follow her around and create havoc in her life? Or could there be another suggestion?

Please, you tell me in the comments. I’m willing to go with my witnesses theory, but I’m sure you have an advice or two! 

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