This is a true tale, my own experience. The memory has stuck with me my entire life. I think at the time I would of been about four or five years old. I was certainly no older as the bedroom I was in at the time was later used by my younger sister, she came along when I was five going on six so that is how I am able date this. The event transpired in the very early 80’s and although not as dramatic as a lot of encounters, it has stuck in my mind ever since.

My parents had gone out for the evening and my maternal Grandmother had come around to look after me for the evening. I clearly remember we were in the living room and I was sat on her knee as she told me a story. From the position we were in I could see through the open living room door out into the hall way. As I looked out listening to the story my Grandmother was telling me I saw an adult sized, black humanoid shape pass by the door. To my young mind I thought it was one of my parents returning and I jumped down off of my Grandmothers knee and ran out to greet them. Once in the hall way I of course found it to be empty and a feeling of absolute fear gripped me. I’m unsure if I knew anything about ghosts way back then, but I certainly hadn’t heard of shadow people or anything similar.

I ran back to my Grandmother and sadly I can’t really remember her reaction and I don’t think she saw anything herself. I do remember her telling me that Jesus would look after me as a way to comfort me, as she was a very religious, something I never have been. So there you have it folks a rather short and largely uneventful story but one I thought I would share as it has stayed with me all this time. Was it my childhood imagination or did something more visit my home that evening? Personally I feel that something was there but alas it was just a brief encounter.