This Article was submitted by Mark Davies

At first we lived in caves and we painted animals on the walls in an attempt to capture the spirit of these beasts so we could implore or negotiate with them to make the hunt more successful, because these were our gods in manifest form. Later as society moved on we looked to the heavenly bodies as our gods or as portents of fate. Again as time past on so did mankind’s belief’s and our gods took on a much more spiritual nature and now we find ourselves at a time of lessening religious belief and increasing disillusionment, maybe it is time again for our gods to be redefined. Because man seems to need belief and myth and so the new gods come to us not in holy book or by revelation but in spaceships.

It seems our gods once again reside in the stars. And, as before they come to save us from hunger or our own wickedness and general doom and gloom like some benevolent parent offering a guiding hand of help and  reassurance. This has always been the duty of our gods and aliens are no different. It is when we view the whole alien/ufo phenomenon as the new gods of man that we see perhaps why Erich Von Daniken’s 1968 book Chariots Of The Gods struck such a cord with the world.

The two  phenomena have similar if not the same themes in common, both are seen by a chosen few or a select group. Both are seen as having magical abilities ether by the use of technology or the power of will, both are mysterious in origin and ultimate intention and both are seen as physically very different from us. But, some will say one is real the other dose not exist or indeed both never existed. I propose both are as real as the money in your pocket.

Think of all the feelings you have had in your lifetime, the emotions both happy and sad, of love and hate were they not real ? Are they not as real as say the shoes on your feet or the feeling of touch when you pick up an object? Think of all the time you have spent at work doing a job all the effort that goes into such endeavors, why did you do it? You would say to me I did it because of the money, I needed the money to live. What is money, it is numbers on a computer screen or discs of metal or pieces of paper one cannot eat or live in any of these things.

Because we all have a belief in them they have the power to provide these things to us because when we believe in something then it becomes real, like your emotions, like your feelings, like the power of money and of gods and the more people believe in them the more power these concepts have. It matters not whether these things are physically real or not. If they are real in ones mind then they are as real as the thoughts in your head and ultimately that is the only place we can be sure anything is real.