I expect most of us have heard of the EVP like phenomenon of phone calls from the dead where people over the years have claimed to have revived phone calls seemingly from deceased friends and family. But now social media has been ringing with text messages from the past, 2003 to be exact, but unlike the phone calls these messages have absolutely nothing to say and all are blank. The date and time varies but the year is always the same, 2003.

text 2003 1.PNG


text 2003 2.JPG

text 2003 3.JPG


There have been a few suggestions as to what might be the cause of these strange unsolicited texts from the past ranging from the way out there to the more down to earth theories and of course Reddit has its fair share of opinions. With one user writing “It’s a trap from CERN!” and another suggesting it could be John Titor saying Are you by chance trying to track down an IBM 5100? As well as the expected comment on the ‘Feds’ some how hacking your phones.

A sensible and more reasonable suggestion is that it is some sort of EE network error, but as this has happened over several different networks this seem unlikely. Another writes that it could be down to using PDU mode, and to get into peoples smart phones hackers “can fake absolutely everything about an SMS”. Whatever the cause we will be keeping an eye on this one and will let you guys know of any developments. If you have any thoughts as to what the cause might be please let us know below in the comments.