This is one of the best stories I have come across in some time, I thought it was so wonderfully bizarre that I just had to share it with you guys. An arts collective from Glasgow have had their application to grant Nessie permanent UK residency rejected by the British home office. Saying that they felt as the UK has left the EU Nessie may go and find herself a European lake to conduct her monstrous way in. The arts collective named The Doing Group went as far as paying the £65 application charge and even included a passport photo on Nessie’ behalf. Shocking the home office did reply, thanking them for their application but “From the information provided it appears that a refund is appropriate.” 

Hannah Kendaru, 23 from the arts group was quoted in the Dumbarton reporter as saying

We filed the application in good faith. “However, the process was a difficult one. Nessie has a reputation for being elusive – signatures, passport photos and other information were very difficult to obtain. The reason behind the application has been the increased concern and hostility many people in the United Kingdom have been facing since Brexit has been becoming a reality. Nessie has lived in Scotland for a long time. Yet, her origin is unknown. Due to the worries that Brexit has caused, it was only natural to apply for a residency permit.”

Another group member Irina Glinski, 27 has said:

We are disappointed by the response from The Home Office. We are now in a position where we will have to consider the best course of action for Nessie’s future. “We have entered discussion with experts about how best to move Nessie in a humane and comfortable way.”

Well in the wake of this European turmoil I truly hope they can find Nessie the home she deserves, the group have said they have had offers from ten different lakes on the continent willing to have Nessie. We have lost many things in the UK due to Brexit but if Nessie goes I’m not sure what will become of us.

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