Some more thoughts from the mind of Mark Davis

If one looks to the sky in the night in the constellation of Taurus the bull you can’t but help notice an open star cluster consisting of seven bright stars know as the seven sisters or the Pleiades. As with most visible stars man has attached meaning and myth to them and has used them to guide his journeys across the seas and time his farming practices. as with all myths those of the Pleiades say much of the times and the culture from which they originate and in examining the myths surrounding the sisters we find a very curious cultural artifact that may point to a time in mankind’s history long since passed.

The greeks say the stars are seven sisters whose father atlas was commanded to hold up the sky. After a chance meeting in the forest with the hunter, orion, Orion became amorous and a chase began, finding no escape Zeus transformed the sisters first into doves and then stars. The north Americans say the Kiowa tribe was moving south because of the winter and had camped by a river or stream, in this area, there were many bears. One day seven girls were playing by the water when the bears began to pursue them in an attempt to find protection the girls leapt on to an isolated rock and called on the great spirit for help, the spirit thusly raised the rock to a great height forming the peak known as the devils tower, the bears in their continued attempts to get at the girls clawed at the side of the rock scraping the lines seen on it today.

The aborigines of Australia say wurrunna the hunter was out hunting when he found a camp who’s only inhabitants was seven girls who said they came from a far away land seeing a chance to get himself a wife he seized two of the girls and took them away, the two later escaping him joined their sisters who by now had taken refuge in the sky. So what we basically have is this: seven girls or maidens are chased by someone who is hunting by divine intervention, they are placed in the heavens. How can it be that different cultures who had no contact and are separated by geography and time have the same basic story about the same rather unextraordinary star formation? We see other similarities in the stories as well in two of our legends sex is a motivating factor also Orion and the bear are constellations themselves. some have suggested these folk myths point to contact between these cultures others say the stories are from a time when we all lived as one culture in Africa the tale varying slightly over time. All that can be said for sure is this must point to something more than chance.