Back in February, fellow Fortean, Matt Cook did a write up on some peculiar Vampire Repellent soap that he discovered via that crazy thing called the internet.  Somehow, somewhere the company, Pojo’s Pure, had seen our blog post and asked if we’d like to try some of their vampire fighting goods, and I was all for it!

Pojo’s Pure hails from Vermont and to quote the company:

“Pojo’s Pure Vermont all-natural bath and beauty products are handmade using locally sourced pure Vermont honey, which is a natural moisturizer and has inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties. Pojo’s pure Vermont provides an affordable but luxurious alternative to mass-produced commercial soaps and lip balms.

Pojo is a native of White River Junction and lives in the village historically Irish & Italian ‘South End’ neighborhood, in a house nearly as old as the state itself.”


The sample came with three different soaps, one smaller sample was a goat milk & honey soap that had a lemon-lavender scent to it, the other smaller one, that I rather like, is a goat milk based soap but it has a Cuban tobacco scent.  The Cuban soap has a musky sweet scent and it lathers nicely, leaving a good clean fresh feel. The lavender soap is quite lovely, being that I do love the scent of lavender. I am betting it would be an excellent one, not to necessarily ward off the likes of Bela Lugosi, but to help put a weary victim to sleep at night!



The smaller soaps that are scented with lavender and Cuban cigars.



Now, of course, we are on to the most important soap of all. The one that’s going to save your mortal soul from the grasps of a vampire’s fangs!  Imagine you’re collecting flowers in the woods and wondering aimlessly and a noble vampire of high, yet dark and evil, esteem comes upon your path. How convenient would it be to have a handy vampire repellent soap in your toolkit, rather than a giant box of stakes, crucifixes, and other vampire hunting paraphenelia?



FullSizeRender (1)
The holy mother of all soaps: Garlic & Holy Water Vampire Repelling Soap by Pojo’s


Pojo’s Pure Vermont has that soap and believe me, it is quite pungent in garlic and, as the label declares, holy water.  That’s three tools combined into one! The power of garlic combined with the power of a blessed water against the vampire, plus the power of staying clean! This soap is destined to keep you safe from the darkness of the night plus you will be clean and fresh at the same time.

Just ask Christopher Lee, AKA Dracula!


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