The small Irish village of Kilkee sits prettily on the County Clare coast overlooking the seemingly endless expanse of the Atlantic ocean. Like many other small villages in Ireland and across the globe it may be safe to assume that nothing really goes on within their sleepy picturesque boundaries but, as we forteans know all to well its the quiet ones you have to watch.


Kilkee was however plunged into excitment recently when a rather unexpected bit of jetsome decanted itself upon a local beach.  The item was not as you might imagane a stray bit of contraband, drugs or snide tobacco, or even goods washed overboard from a passing container ship. It was none other than a dissembodied, mostly skelital arm. At first it was thought to be human by the dog walker who discovered the appaling apendage but later tests by police soon revealed it to belong to the animal kingdom with the best guess of being from a gorilla or chimpansee.

gorilla 1.jpg

The arm was passed, by the police, into the care of local dog warden  Frankie Coote who was charged with its dissposal , but  Mr Coote has it safely stored in his freezer at home and intends to get to the bottom of the mystery. I will of course keep an eye out for any more developments on this story as I expect we are all keen to know how the arm of a large primate can end up thousands of miles from home on a little beach in Ireland.

EDIT: I do wonder if this might be a sea going mammal of some sort, maybe a seal or sea lion, what do you think?